Installing SSD Drive and Copying/cloning old drive to new SSD?

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Re: Installing SSD Drive and Copying/cloning old drive to new SSD?

I did a Win7 clone from a Kingston SSD to an 840PRo a couple of months ago and it was not exactly simple.  The cloning software that Samsung provided was a link to Norton Ghost, but that required a fee to activate the cloning process.

At that time Samsung had not released their own cloning software, so I used Macrium Reflect Free which did the job OK.  My guess is the Samsung software does the job OK now.

I was running a P6T also and the only thing I think you have to be careful about is to switch from IDE mode to AHCI mode in the BIOS.  As previously mentioned, do this right before you do a clean install of Windows.

Personally I don't think you need RAID with an SSD boot drive.  The SSD is so fast that I doubt you would notice the difference in speed between a single drive and a RAID array.  However, I have talked to a guy who has 3 RAID SSD's - so I know some people do that.

Furthermore, RAID and Trim have a history of mutual conflict.  I think you can now get Trim to work with RAID, but doing so could be problematic.  I'd research this before you start because you really want Trim to work.

Be aware that the P6T does NOT support SATA3 (or USB3 for that matter.)  This means it's max throughput (using SATA2) is half that of SATA3.  I've just moved to an SATA3 board (ASUS P8Z77M) and my 840 Pro benchmarked about 40% faster because of SATA3.  This does make a noticeable difference in boot times.

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