wireless flash on NEX 7

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Re: wireless flash on NEX 7

macsoft3 wrote:

that is what gives my pause.

If its optical, it weird you need another flash to transmit an optical signal, they could of just do it with the internal flash.

It is optical, as many have told you.  Why are you still doubting this fact?

And you are correct that they could have done it with the built-in flash.   Why Sony decided not to is one of those head-scratching decision that no one can understand.   Maybe they just don't bother as they thought the demand would be low?   It is purely software/firmware feature.   I see it as just saving a few pennies in development cost.

For the NEX-6, they can well implement it as an app to enable built-in flash as wireless controller. And I would be very glad to pay for it.

BUT if its RF, why would the attached flash would flash anyway? shouldn't it tell the wireless flash to flash for measurements?

It is NOT RF.   Erase this from your head.

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