Your opinon on my next build

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Re: Your opinon on my next build

I just took all the drives out of my old system and put them into a new box.  My old system had an ASUS P6T motherboard with 6 GB RAM, i7-920 CPU, and nVidia 9600GT graphics card.  The P6T does not support SATA 3 or USB3.

By the time I did the actual drive swap I was booting of a Samsung 840 Pro SSD with an older, slower Kingston SSD (my previous boot drive) used for Temp etc. I had my original 500GB HDD and a former WD external 1TB HDD that I took out of the case and installed as an internal drive. I also had 2 ODD's -  Blu-Ray R/W and CD/DVD.

I did not want to do a new install of Windows and all my software so I opted instead to just move everything into a new configuration.  In preparation for this change about 3 months agoa I did a fair amount of research on SSD's ( and it was pretty clear the Samsung 840 Pro was the way to go.  I also looked at video cards and opted for an EVGA GT630 to drive my dual monitors.

Jim's suggestion to start with a pre-built system makes sense if you are ok living with the configuration you get.  I was a dedicated Dell customer for many years (I started with them when they were called PC's Limited) but got disenchanted when they became a proprietary builder and their customer service went steeply downhill.  (I think that's why Michael Dell is now taking them private - he can more easily get the company back on track that way.)

I do HD video rendering with Vegas so I opted for the i7-3770S (the low voltage version) and 8 GB RAM which is less than most people recommend, but I never had any problems with the 6 GB I was used to.  I did get a single 8GB RAM stick so I can easily upgrade to 16 GB if needs develop.

Since I had 6 SATA devices to support it took some time to find a power supply with the correct number of SATA connectors.  I settled on the Thermaltake 650W unit.  Because Vegas likes to use nVidia GPUs I picked the GT630 because it's the best performing low-cost nVidia card I could find.

All the new parts cost me $740 from TigerDirect.  That's about the same cost as NewEgg but Tiger does not charge sales tax in California, which is where I am.  I had no problems with Tiger & even got 6 mos./no interest at no additional charge.

You really have 3 choices: (1) take Jim's advice and get a pre-built system, (2) go to a custom builder (like CyberpowerPC) and configure the system yourself and let them assemble and test it, or (3) get your own parts and build it yourself.  Deciding on which one involves what value you put on your time, how you assess your skill  with PC components, and how happy you can be with a pre-built system. I opted for #3 because I didn't want to start over from scratch software wise and wanted to be sure all the components matched each other OK.

As the saying goes - you pays your money and takes yous choice.

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