AF Calibration success (finally)

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Re: AF Calibration success (finally)

I'm happy if my AF is generally ballpark now - the critical time is when I'm using my 50 at 1.4 close up and want those eyes in focus.  Further away and at other apertures the DOF should take care of things assuming the AF is generally right.  I've read all kinds of things about getting the AF tuned so it's spot on all the time and it seems to be an un-exact science, based on various lighting conditions, temperature, time of year, cost of bread...
From my calibration experiments, and the Reikan software seems to show this better than anything, autofocus isn't *perfectly* the same every time anyway, minor fluctuations here and there.

As for sending the camera away to Nikon, that's still up for consideration.  The concern I have is cost.  The body is in warranty and has about another year to go I think, but the 17-55 is a secondhand lens and it may be that which is in need of tweaking? If so, I'm looking at what, £100-£150 plus?  And then maybe they should do the 50 at the same time?  Can't afford that right now.  And nor can my OCD!!!
Oh I dunno, what to do, what to do!!!!
(don't tell me my X100 is out too, I'd die!)

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