Does The XZ 10 have A New Never Before Seen Sensor Or Is It A Sensor That Has Been Seen

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Re: Greatly Improved IQ ?????? XZ 10 Sensor Score?

technic wrote:

tomtom50 wrote:

The S90 introduced a truly pocketable camera had IQ that was good enough. Not DSLR level, but good enough for a solid 11x14 in good light, and the image made it to ISO1600 before falling apart. With the f2 lens at wide angle it was a compelling package. The S iterations did not change the game; video got better, but not still picture IQ.

yes, I was disappointed to see that the Canon S110 was in general not really better at low ISO (i.e. maximum possible image quality) than my Sony dsc-f717 from ten years ago. Most of the progress in the last ten years has been in features, speed, High ISO noise reduction and price (value for money). Not in still image quality in good lighting conditions ...

The RX100 finally advanced the ball with a better sensor that compensates for the slow lens at tele. Now the best 1/2.3" sensors are as good as the 1/1.7" in the Canon S series, and Olympus is trying another path as you suggest, using a smaller sensor to allow a faster lens but still a true pocketable.

The RX100 is a tough act to beat, but if the XZ-10 is less expensive it could be a fully competitive alternative.

I'm a bit sceptical regarding XZ-10 image quality, but who knows. Looking at the various 1/1.7" compacts, the LX7 does relatively well IMHO, despite its slightly smaller sensor and probably thanks to its extra-good lens. If Olympus can get similar quality (and better zoom reach) in a smaller package, that would be great.

Agree that RX100 is a tough act to beat, we haven't seen anything similar from another company and maybe they won't try because Sony already cornered that part of the market. But I would love to see something like RX100 with a better lens (even if that means a bit bigger) and some improvements in ergonomics.

I would too! An RX101 with a faster and sharper lens with more zoom range would be a great choice against larger premium point & shoots.

I would also like to see an R99 with a fast good fixed lens. 16mm is a normal focal length for 1" (42mm 35mm equivalent) and I once had a 16mm f1.2 C mount lens. The elements were very small. This camera could be thinner than the RX100. A tiny Fuji X100 competitor.

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