Nikon (and Canon) they're on to you

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Re: Nikon (and Canon) they're on to you

Australia is worse.  What makes that even more infuriating is that the Aussie dollar has been stronger than both the US and Canadian for some time now.

In my experience it's got very little to do with market size, duties/taxes or freight costs.  Ask yourself why the same vehicles made in that nice Ford plant in Mississauga get put on a truck and driven 100 miles across the border, then sold for 20% less than in the country they were made.

It's called charging what the market will bear.

Australia actually has a pretty good consumer and competition watchdog, and I believe this is one practice they are monitoring. They are already onto software vendors who sell online versions of their products at different prices, with no clear reason.  There are a number of major vendors who have been given a formal "please explain" about that one.

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