Is anyone using Cone cartridges in an Epson R2400?

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Re: Is anyone using Cone cartridges in an Epson R2400?

"Those are not the carts you got. I guarantee it!

They are just like the ones Dana is demostrating on the video. Initial fill is done via vacuum method. Those carts in the PDF are ancient!

Did you really have a fill port next to the exit port?????

I've never see that in the over 10 years I've doing this."

That really is weird. The PDF is what came with the cartridges. I have two copies.

On the video with Dana she removes a tab with a flap from the top of the cartridge and at the far end from the plastic locking device i.e. near the chip. The cartridges I have got have the tab with the flap near the lock and at the end that does not hold the chip. In the PDF it is called 'Unused hole keep plug IN'

Which of my plugs would you fill? The one Cone say should not be used?

If I were to fill them your way how could I check whether they were leaking in my machine? I really don't want to face another major clean up.

Back  to the 3880. One attraction is that it comes with around 350 UKP of ink.


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