Are differences in lenses only seen at 100%?

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Re: Are differences in lenses only seen at 100%?

I hear you, but my experience suggest otherwise.   I've traveled for years with my wife using just her 18-200 taking many of the same shots I took with a 12-24, or 24-70, or some prime.   It was always easy to see the difference, resized or not, at least under certain circumstances.

The 18-200 was best shooting subjects close up, and worst at subjects far away (scenics), especially zoomed in (135-200mm).    Since I generally synced the camera clocks together and merged the shots before processing, I would see similar scenes over and over back-to-back with the 18-200 and some other lens.   The difference in sharpness was clear, except for the closeups.   (As long as we're not talking 'macro' distances with the 18-200, which was also poor.)

Anyway, I've had lenses in the past that were generally disappointing.   Once you've gone from one of those to a really good one, you really notice the difference.   My old 28-85 AF zoom comes to mind.  (Used for years on my n90s).   And certainly my 72mm Sigma 400F5.6, which I finally boxed up in disgust and shelved in the garage.

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