DP2 Merrill battery help

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Re: DP2 Merrill battery help

nandadevieast wrote:

Guys, i ordered 2 ricoh db-65 from keyboardshop.in, well, without reading the fine print.
Today i got the batteries of the similar specs, but not the original ricoh ones.
Worst thing is, they have somewhat different grooves at the bottom, so the battery goes in but doesn't lock itself in.
Sigma BP41 has 2 grooves at the bottom which are bigger area wise...
Is there a solution? How do i cut the grooves to make it fit in...
someone who has done this?


This is the replacement battery alongside a Sigma original from my DP2M. Taken with my phone so please excuse the quality.

The replacement fits the camera just like the original, ejects without any problems. no need to modify anything. Hope it helps.

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