Prime Shooters vs Zoom Lens Appreciators

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Re: Prime Shooters vs Zoom Lens Appreciators

I think zooms and primes are not mutually exclusive. I like them both for different reasons.

Zooms when flexibility is necessary. Let's face it: some times you'll be in situations when you can't switch lenses or it isn't practical to do so. I like a broad range with reasonable size and weight, therefore I choose lenses like 12-50mm and 75-300mm. They're slow, yes, but my logic with zooms is that if flexibility is the main priority then I can crank up the ISO thanks to modern sensors as in the E-M5, and still mantain a good IQ (I don't mind high iso noise if it's fine grained, and a noisy picture is always better than a clean no picture).

Primes, on the other hand, I like them for shallow DoF and/or lower light shooting if I don't need the flexibility a zoom provides. I like to have the same range as the zooms cover, so right now my choices would be: 12mm T1.6, 25mm f1.4, 45mm f1.8, 75mm f1.8, and some legacy (always within my reasonable size/weight limits) 135mm (f1.8-f3.5), 200mm (f2.8-f3.5), 300mm (f4-4.5).

In the end it's good to be open-minded and have both options to choose from.

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