Is anyone using Cone cartridges in an Epson R2400?

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Re: Is anyone using Cone cartridges in an Epson R2400?

TonyGamble wrote:

Thanks Joe.

The demo is shown filling a cartridge from the top.

In the manual for the 2400 here they fill from the bottom.

I hope I am doing the right thing in filling from near the exit valve.


Those are not the carts you got. I guarantee it!

They are just like the ones Dana is demostrating on the video. Initial fill is done via vacuum method. Those carts in the PDF are ancient!

Did you really have a fill port next to the exit port?????

I've never see that in the over 10 years I've doing this.

Here is my suggestion.

Remove each cart ( with ink )

Tape the vent and exit port and with a syringe with about 10 ml ( NO AIR )  each do what she does.

You insert into the fill hole, Puill back the plunger to create a vacuum, slowly release plunger, repeat unitl no more ink enters the cart.

Remove syringe and carefull reinsert the fill plug. Untape the exit port and vent hole and see if you are getting any leaks out of the exit hole. Is not, reinsert back into the printer and repeat the process for every other cart.

When refilling is needed you just fill from the top with a needle.


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