Are crop sensors still relevant or should I just go FX in cropped mode

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Re: A Couple of Thoughts

kayaker353 wrote:

There are a couple of benefits of full frame compared to crop cameras not yet mentioned. You can find and follow a fast moving subject easier with FF, given the same lens that you would use with the crop camera. Second, feild cropping can leave you with few choices for cropping later. With FF and a crop sizes image, you have much more flexibility in post processing.

Not quite so fast.  You may be able to find a subject better with a wider field of view, but that doesn't make it easier to track it accurately and get more accurate AF.   To do that, you want to frame your subject as fully as possible so you get the subject as large as possible on your AF points and have the finest grain view of it in the viewfinder for more accurate AF targeting and no background spillage into the AF points.

Anyone who has shot action at a distance that requires significant cropping will confirm that you don't get as good an IQ as action shot when the subject was filling the viewfinder.

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