Olympus fast zooms may be coming in 2013

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Re: This seems rather unlikely, and it's not what M43 needs.

TrapperJohn wrote:

So far, Olympus and Panasonic have more or less stayed out of each other's way in the lens department. A wise move, it means that every new lens adds to M43's rapidly growing lens selection. This extensive native glass lens collection is one of M43's strongest points, and what keeps it at the forefront of mirrorless. Keep going in that direction, don't start directly competing with each other. That only gives the competition a chance to catch up.

M43 doesn't need an Oly version of the 12-35 and 35-100. What it needs is a lens that's as sharp as the ZD 12-60, but smaller.

I'd guess what Oly has in the works is an IQ optimized version of the 12-50. This would make sense, as the EM5 has drawn far more attention from the serious amateur crowd than even Oly expected, so they really need a standard zoom that does justice to the body.

Can the power zoom and macro feature, maybe take it down to F2.8-3.5, maybe even stretch it to 60mm on the long end, keep the weathersealing, and keep it sharp wide open - a hallmark of the HG ZD lenses. Price that lens at $800-900, and they have a winner: a lens that's about as long as the 12-50, somewhat wider, faster, and ultra sharp. A super walkaround lens, which is what the 12-60 is.

The 12-60 sold quite a few E3's and E5's.

It makes sense And I hope that s what we will get :  a 12-60mm With very sharp corners, a provided it s sharp, I'd get one, even if it was a only a constant F4, or an F2.8-F4.5 zoom.

I looked at the 12-35mm F2.8 Panasonic, but found that it wasn't sharp enough in the corners and I'm not ready to give up too much sharpness in exchange of convenience. Hopefully the coming Oly zoom will offer more sharpness.

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