Canon 600D focus prior to shooting

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Re: Canon 600D focus prior to shooting

EladRichi wrote:

Hi all!
just wondering if any of you encountered this. I was out shooting birds (not "shooting" shooting") with my canon 600D, i got a good composition for an instant and pressed the shutter button. the AF motor kicked in and ruined the focus and prevented the shutter from firing...
i tested that later on a Nikon D80, and the shutter fired when pressed even if focus wasn't achieved. does any of you know how to overcome this?
i would imagine my camera needs to release the shutter when i say, and not when it decides it got focus confirmation.
any thoughts?

The AF modes One-Shot and AI Focus will refocus with each lift then repress of the shutter button. If the system cannot confirm focus on a target then it will not release the shutter.

To fire the shutter on command regardless of focus:

  • set AF mode to AI Servo, or
  • set the lens for manual focus, or
  • use the custom function to remove AF activation from the shutter button (C.Fn 9 = 1 or 3, p. 256 of the instruction manual)
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