Opinion on replacing Minolta AF 100-400 APO.

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Re: Tamron 200-500mm

Calico Jack wrote:


I wouldn't get bogged down about very long focal lengths as you really will start to lose IQ as a lens will have to perform at all focal lengths and apertures hence why tele-primes are so darned good though not quite as flexible as a tele-zoom which begs the question why not have both if you can afford it (it can be done BTW, though you might need some negotiating skills and some good fortune)?

The big reason for not basing your system on a set of primes that actually provide the same or less c coverage as a single long zoom is that they will weigh more and require more time to use with lens changing.

50 years ago zooms did have considerable IQ issues, and there was plenty reason to cart a huge pile of primes, but the difference between primes and zooms for IQ is now very little if any.  Some folks are still stuck in 50 years ago, however.

When one is comparing lenses for long tele then they really should be long tele and compare in same focal length.  I don't consider a lens going only to 300mm to be long tele, but more like medium, if that in what it can photograph.  There is significant difference between what you can do with 300mm vs 400mm plus. If anything one should look for extending the focal length range rather than shortening it.  In tele in particular one generally finds that one can never have too much focal length.  Shooting with lenses that give you photos requiring a lot of cropping to even see the subject is not the route to high IQ no matter what sensor/camera you have.

And if you are not willing to learn to carry and provide support for a long lens then maybe you should confine your shooting to standard or wide angle lenses and be happy with that.  In long lens usage the heavier lenses actually provide more stability to help avoid motion blur, which is a very big factor in long lens shooting.

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