Lightroom 4 - maintaining zoom position when changing images?

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Re: Lightroom 4 - maintaining zoom position when changing images?

Lightroom 4 works exactly like Lightroom 3 when zoom; it remembers the zoom increment, and the postion of the Navigation tool as you move through photos.  If yours isn't working like that I suspect either the LR4 Preferences file is corrupted, or you have more than one Preference file on your computer (possibly left over from LR3) and that's confusing Lightroom.

You can easily delete the LR Preferences file and it will be rebuilt when Lightroom restarts.  The instructions for deleting the file depends on the operating system you're using.

tyyreaun wrote:

Quick question - I recently upgraded to Lightroom 4 from 3. One thing I liked in LR3 was when zoomed into an image in Library mode, Loupe view via the navigator (e.g., 1:1 view), I could switch between images and Lightroom would maintain onto what part of the image I was zoomed into. Made it easy to quickly scan a series and mark which ones were out of focus (faster than the Compare view).

In LR4, it seems to remember where on each image I'm zoomed in individually, rather than updating my zoom when I change it.

That's confusing, I'm sure, so to explain: let's say I have a series of photos from a burst of images of two people, and I want to reject the images where either person blinked, was out of focus, etc. I can go to the first image, go to 1:1 view on person A's face, and then scroll through the images quickly with the arrow keys, rejecting bad ones with "X". Once I get to the end, I'd like to move the zoom to be on person B's face, and then run through them again to reject the bad ones. In LR3, once I moved to person B's face and changed images, the zoom would stay on person B. In LR4, if I switch one image to person B and then change images, the next image will be zoomed on person A, where it was the last time I looked at the image.

So, is there any way to disable Lightroom remembering where you're zoomed on each image individually, and just let you change zoom once across all images?

Thanks in advance.

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