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Re: Digital ePaper photo frame
If there was an eInk photo frame...
  • ...would you be interested?
  • ...what size would it have to have? (10", 30", 50")
  • ...would you still buy it, if it could only show monochrome/grayscale images? Or would you rather have a color version (with faded out, gray-ish colors)?
  • much would you be willing to pay?

Hi Simon,

I am sorry that you do not get enough comments here. I will try to shortly describe what I wanted to do with my Kindle, but first will answer your questions:

  • Yes
  • 10''
  • Yes
  • <80 EURO

As I said above I wanted to use my Kindle as a BW album. Actually this is something I am more interested in, in contrast to hang it on the wall. So far - no success. I know that 16 gray levels are generally not enough, but I still believe that with the correct post-processing some good results can be achieved. If not for any photo then at least for some of them. What I was trying so far, was to clip as much as possible from the dark and the bright tones. I hoped that with the correct S curve I will be able to distribute the 16 available tones in a pleasing way. The problem up to now is that I am still searching for the correct curve, but also I am starting to question the general concept. The pearled screen cover seems to be very good for text, but gives a very strange look to the photos. Probably this can be avoided with a correct amount of sharpening. Don't know yet. For the moment my project is frozen, but thanks to your thread I will play again with it this weekend.

Good luck with your plans!


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