wireless flash on NEX 7

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Re: wireless flash on NEX 7

Brian Caslis wrote:

It's optical. But when used as a controller it's not a full burst like when used a flash. But there is some light spillage.

I'm not sure if it's optical or not. I have the "20" flash and the NEX7, though i don't have any other flash unit (yet) that i myself can test this out on. So, i don't have any firsthand experience with this. But i'm planning to get another, larger flash unit, so i'm interested in the discussion.

What gives me doubt are discussions like this…

Sony Nex-7 wireless flash option

If the triggering using the 20 were strictly optical, one should just be able to use the built-in, pop-up flash. Optical triggering means the "receiving" flash has an optical sensor that responds to any flash of light to trigger the receiving flash.

But users (as in the thread linked to above) indicate that the built-in flash does not work as an optical firing method. Which leads one to believe that the 20 is necessary to fire remote flashes, and one can deduce that the method would have to be something other than optical (light).

Which leaves radio frequencies, but then, why couldn't the camera broadcast those signals on its own without the need for a flash being mounted to the hot shoe.

I've been looking, but i still can't find a detailed, simple, coherent, explanation of how the firing mechanism works anywhere.

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