Is anyone using Cone cartridges in an Epson R2400?

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Re: Is anyone using Cone cartridges in an Epson R2400?

jtoolman wrote:

TonyGamble wrote:


What an illuminating reply.

What is odd that when I ordered the extra two sets of cartridges so I could keep them filled with purging solution I was told they were out of stock and would be for another two weeks.

To me that suggests three things:-

One that I bought the last two in my initial order. Two that there has been a big run on them since then. Or three, and I cannot believe this is the case as Jon is so well spoken of around here, that they have withdrawn them and are waiting for some alternative.

Several days of research on this forum suggested I would be in safe hands with Cone products. I read how Jon Cone designed his own inks that were exclusive to him and visited cartridge making factories in China to monitor quality control.

One of the eight syringes they sent me had a crack in the side. These cartridges are so inexpensive I wonder how well they are checked.


Jon Cone does have a very good reputation and does provide very good customer service, but the truth is, us refillers comprise a very tiny portion of his company's total business. He tries very hard to keep us happy though.

On your points listed above, it makes sense that they likely ran out and are just waiting for more to come in. They do not sell too many carts for the older Epson "R" model such as the R2400.

Among their refilling home customers like us, it's the 3800/3880 and above printer PRO model owners that comprise the largest cross section of his K3 ink customers.

I have experienced the same exact problems a couple of time in my long history in printing and refilling. It's always pretty random and even switching carts from the same batch will often solve the leaks.

The leaking, bad nozzle checks and other crazy problems, seem to always be caused by the actual cart, the plugs, the outlet seals / valves, and of course, user error as in sub optimal initial priming.

Switching back to OEM almost 100% fixes those problems.

You should be able to get a satisfactory answer from Jon. He is a good guy!


In case youhave not seen this from inkjetmall support:

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