Olympus fast zooms may be coming in 2013

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Re: You are all missing the point...

idiotekniQues wrote:

tedolf wrote:

idiotekniQues wrote:

tedolf wrote:

toxinoz wrote:

I agree, zoom lenses are often useful,

I never said zooms in general are not useful-got one myself (40-150mm).

I said fast zooms are not generally usefull becuase we have wonderful, fast inexpensive (relatively) primes.

See my post below.

invaluable even, especially when travelling and when you need varying focal lengths in a short space of time and in conditions where changing lenses is difficult/risky (dust, moisture etc).

So, a high quality, good range, fast zoom could be a principle lens for many.

Not at a cost of over $1,000.00.

See Panny.

Personally I hope Oly make an mft version of their 12-60mm f2.8 4/3 lens. Sure it will be bigger and more expensive than the current (quite useable) 12-50mm, but I suspect plenty would buy it.

And then there are those that also need to use their mft as a video camera, even if only occasionally. For video a zoom lens is almost essential to ensure optimal framing since you can't later crop the image (not for taking video while incessantly zooming in & out though). Taking a good mft as a stills camera and using it for occasional video, rather than lugging a separate video camera is a good compromise for many, especially when travelling.

So no, Tedolf, I cannot agree with you that a fast zoom is only needed by wedding photographers.


nobody is missing any point. at all.

the world is a big vast place with so many photographs from so many perspectives. life is there to be enjoyed - it often moves fast too. not everybody wants to stop and have to change lenses because like it or not, for many people that means missed shots and it's a waste of time.

there is a significant place, in that it is very useful for a lot of photographers, for zooms, in various ranges, and both fast or not so fast. fast are preferred because more DOF control and faster shutter speeds are useful. you get that for primes, it's boggling how you don't get it for zooms.

Don't get what?

i go out to nyc or travel, i don't want to just shoot one perspective. shots are there for the taking from wide to short tele in instants. i don't want to pause to change lenses everytime i want to go from 12mm to 20mm to 35mm. that can happen once every second. impossible to do with primes besides having 3 bodies with 3 different lenses on them.

Once every second?

Come on, you people are kidding yourselves.

A photographic opportunity every second.


it's really not that complicated but it seems there are some prime users who are too closeminded to get it.

I agree, it isn't complicated.

Fast micro four third zoom lenses are too expensive comapared to primes.

Not true in other formats.



it's not complicated, but you are a zealot and thus can't see plain logic even as it is laid out in front of you with ease and clarity.

i have no idea why your new premise is about format overpricing.

It always was.

If this lens was priced at $400.00 it would be fine.

your statements, which are quoted, were clear - you saw no reason for zoom users in the standard range besides wedding photogs. period.

you are one of those ridiculous prime lens fundamentalists that are just simply ridiculous.

I guess that is why I own and use a 9-18mm and the excellent 40-150mm?

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