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Re: X-Trans SuperCCD relationship

davidjlee wrote:

1) I know Fujifilm probably doesn't read this forum,

Historically it was believed by some contributors on here that Fujifilm did read this forum and acted on some of the suggestions/issues. Whether this was ever true or whether they still do is unknown.

2) Why doesn't Fujifilm update the firmware on X-Trans cameras to produce RAW files that look like traditional RAW files from other manufacturers?

Essentially what you are suggesting is that they emulate the Bayer pattern to output a RAW file. That would mean throwing away most of the X-Trans data and all the associated/perceived benefits. If that were the case they would be better to simply have a Bayer pattern sensor, save all their R&D costs and just be A N Other camera company. It would defeat the purpose of having their own X-Trans sensor with all its unique benefits and marketing opportunities.

Of course in the old DSLR SuperCCD days they used to output a 12MP RAW/jpeg file from what was in reality a 6MP sensor chip. Whether the interpolation was done on-chip or immediately off-chip I don't know but it was hard wired into the cameras electronics and is arguably not much different in principle to what you suggest (ie that they do some sort of processing prior to RAW output) , although clearly the X-Trans sensor is entirely different to the SuperCCD.

When I say completely different I mean in terms that they are using an array of completely 'real' pixels in X-Trans as opposed to SuperCCD where there were fake or 'virtual' pixels that had everybody crying foul. To my mind they are actually doing a very similar thing, ie. using a larger array of data to define each pixel than the standard Bayer systems. They are getting away with it this time as the data is all collected from pixels that are all perceived as 'real'. This reduces moire without the use of an AA filter but must certainly be the cause of colour bleeding, IMHO. If you convert the output data to that of a Bayer system you would be 'locking' or restricting the ability to do any post processing that benefits from the X-Trans output.

In short, they'd then be better to just have a Bayer system and forget X-Trans. Perhaps that is the choice for the customer though. If they don't like X-Trans there are 1000s of Bayer camera systems out there to pick and choose from.

Norman Young

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