Nikon's cameras more weather resistant than Canon?

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Re: Nikon's cameras more weather resistant than Canon?

rgolub wrote:

This is why you carry a backup camera. And try to be reasonable.

I'm always reasonable.

But if you're looking for certainty, get a Point and Shoot that's passed whatever Mil-spec is relevant. DLSRs have too many potential ingress points.

My point was not that. The point is that a capability not covered by warranty is effectively worthless, because it is just a name. 'Weatherproof' means nothing without a specification of which 'weather' it should be proof against. A warm breeze? And if a specification is made, as it should be, then the manufacturer should be willing to (and in some jurisdictions, is legally bound to) warrant against it. I also think you are entirely wrong about the impossibility of proofing a SLR. I have designed equipment to marine industry requirements. There are no controls on a DSLR that cannot quite easily be made completely watertight. The bayonet lens mount is the biggest issue, but that is not an insurmountable problem, by any means. Finally, on 'Mil spec'. This has nothing to do with Mil specs, this is 'Ingress Protection' rating system, which is IEC, nothing to do with the military.

Or put your camera in a dive housing. That should work.

I certainly would, since I know that no manufacturer believes sufficiently in their 'weather sealing' to be willing to guarantee it.

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