is Sigma DP2 worth buying?

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Re: If you shoot in daylight and want a compact camera...

Raist3d wrote:

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I understand the new Merrill model are very good. How about the older DP2/s/x models? I imagine I would prefer the 40-45mm focal point.

Which one is worth the effort both in money and time?

I would say yes. Great image quality at low iso in full spectrum light. Better to process and in some ways I dare say, better, than what I have seen of the new X3. And you won't get a workflow clog due to the new increased data. You will still be able to make superb 8x10's.

A small warning: it's still a camera for more pre-medidated shooting. If you can handle the hassle go for it. Or if you shoot landscapes and still subjects. You can also do zone focusing with the focus wheel Sigma for some reason I can't comprehend took away.

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I agree. I have the original DP1 (also now have the DP2M) and the images can be sharp and stunning. They are on a par with the Canon 5D 12MP at 8x10. I carried the little DP1 with the Canon. It was like having a mini 5D in your pocket (landscape only). The WB can be a little inconsistent and processing is slow. At ISO 50-100 in good light the images can be amazing. At current used prices the early DPs can be a bargain.

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