Is anyone using Cone cartridges in an Epson R2400?

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Re: Is anyone using Cone cartridges in an Epson R2400?

TonyGamble wrote:


Briefly for the moment lest I bore you with the full saga.

I started with problems getting eight clean nozzle printouts.

When I got all eight clean I did a profile and got some good prints.

Overnight something leaked and my print head took well over an hour to clean. I left the cartridges out of the machine for safety.

The next day I never managed to get all nozzles clean. Get one right with a flush cassette and another one would fail. In desparation I re-installed all eight Epson cartriidges and after two nozzle cleans I had a fully functioning system.

Is there any likelyhood that the cartridges are not seating properly? If they were not they might either never feed ink or alternatively leak it overnight?


It sounds like several possible problems.

The ink ports are not sealing around the ink stems so ink is leaking.

I assume the carts have been properly primed to remove air and introduce ink into the exit ink chamber located where the Sub Micron filter.

Leaky ink refill hole plug will be another cause, specially since during use youhave to have the Ari Vent plug removed. If it's the type that had a vent port tape applied which you removed then if a fill plug that does not seal is in place, the cart will indeed empty itself out and flood the purge pad/capping station.

Would you believe it if I told you that OEM R2400 carts are perfectly refillable and resettable?

You do need a few supplies to accomplish that. Rjettek sells these but you might be able to find equivalents in the UK

Take a look at my video. I am refilling stylus 2200 carts but the R2400 ones refill the same way.

I have been doing this for ages. I even buy 110 / 220 ml OEM ink carts for the PRO4800 on ebay so I can use OEM to refill with so ZERO quality compromizes.

You do not nee everything included in this kit, just look at the video and decide what you need and do not need.

They do have a minimum order amount. I think it is $30.


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