Better first shots with Nx1000 + 20 2.8 pancake

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Re: Better first shots with Nx1000 + 20 2.8 pancake

Hi Laurie, many thanks!

Honestly i can't make a comparison right now because i just used the NX only once.

What i can say is that i find its image quality at the level of any aps-c dslrs. I will post some shots i took at 1600 ISO. I don't know how's the K5 at high iso cause i always shot at 100 ISO, even at night. Doing mainly landscape i always used tripod. Not really a comparison but i'll post also 2 night shots made with K5 at 100 iso.

But i think it won't be any better than the NX at high iso

I previously owned a Kx, which i guess was the basic version of the current k30, i can say that Samsung's IQ is way better than that. but i also think that k30 should be better than Kx.

Other things to consider are portability, and it's amazing how small is the Nx for giving you such stunning images, and the speed of use, where K5 wins hands down. Anyway the Nx is not bad at all!

I don't know the higher Samsung models. But i'm totally impressed if i think that Nx1000 is the basic mirrorless model of Samsung.

I think for street photography the Nx is better, i bought it for that reason, and also to have a small camera to carry always with me. What i really can't stand with it is the shutter noise, i thought that because of the lack of the mirror you could choose to shut down the "click" (or maybe it's possible and i can't figure out how to do it), and the fact that in autofocus it won't shoot if it can't focus. I hope they won't change this feature in future firmware updates. Being a huge fan of Moriyama i really don't care to have always everything perfect

Also, sorry for my english

So, here is Samsung NX1000 at 1600 ISO (hand-held)

And here the Pentax K5, ISO 100 on tripod

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