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peppermonkey wrote:

I haven't gone to any safari's myself but I would imagine it would be very bright there. Some people have already mentioned this but I think it bears mention again. If you are going to spend all that money to go on a safari, then you should also invest in a camera that has or can have a viewfinder! Because otherwise there is a good chance that bright sunlight will make it really hard to see what you are taking a photo of via viewing the back LCD screen.

I don't know how good these are since I have never used one but another option is to get those LCD viewfinder cover thingies. Basically a hood for your LCD display that you can attach to the back of your camera. Sorry, don't know what they are called but any camera store should have it.

Personally I would just go with a camera that has a viewfinder if at all possible. Last resort would be that LCD hood/shade thing.

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Yes and no.

It depend which Safari you are going to and the safari trucks should have roofs. I can only talk about my experience in South Africa which is three thousands miles south of Kenya. Meaning the climate and the environments are totally different.

You only go to Kruger park in the dry seassion around June? to October. The reason is Kruger Park is bush land, not grassland like in Kenya. All the vegistation on the bushes and trees are gone. This gives greater visiabilty of the animals in their habitat. If you go in the the wet season then the chances of seeing animals is greatly restricted.

Safaris start very early in the morning because the big cats are at their most active. After that it's just animals strolling along, relaxing in the shade or eating grass. The main thing you need is a camera or CAMERAS to cover long zoom and close up shots.

If I'm going back to Kruger Park or Safaris I will need to either purchase another camera or Panasonic 14-140mm.

So my set up would be

Panasonic G3 + 100-300

Panasonic GF2 + 14-140


G7/G3 + Panasonic 100-300

G3/GF7 + Panasonic 45-150

Gf2 + Panasonic NEW 14-42mm

I would take additional lenses

Panasonic 45mm for macro shots and maybe 14+20/25 for a walk around lens.

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