Case of Sigma, DP3 Merrill, SPP 5.5

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Thank you.

We can amicably disagree, no need for personal attacks. Agreed.  I really appreciate you taking this stand in a situation like this because it really shows who you really are through your actions when it could be easier to "take it the easy way."

For the record- I have put some good threads that show more of what I want to see:

Probably best DP2M real world shot for detail I have seen so far

Please post 6 favorite Sigma shots you have taken...

A side note (not referring to you) - I have to say I find very amusing how a lot of the people that complain about not seeing the type of threads they would like to see in the forum, instead of bringing content of what they want to see, they just end up with the personal attacks or just talk about the superiority of this, how bad that other camera is, etc. (not referring to you).

But it's tougher when someone is telling a guy like me, because I have experience with X3, and tried for myself the DP2M

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