surprising lack of interest in G5 review

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Re: surprising lack of interest in G5 review

zenit_b wrote:

I think the G5 suffers a bit because its at the end of a long series of improvements G1->G2->G3->G5. Canon get the same sort of "ho-hum" when they release the latest Rebel camera. The camera itself is very capable and refined but because there is nothing radically different from the last model people don't leap at the review ... in the same way they might have done when the original G1 came out - that was radically different from everything that had come before.

I have the G2 and am confident it will be replaced at some point by the G5, G6 or even G7. I don't fancy the larger GH3 form factor and my "no-evf" GX1 has convinced me I want the EVF built in...

Yes, that's a good point.

Actually, waiting for the G6 (with hopefully the GH3 sensor) is also an option I'm considering. However, my G1 is showing more and more signs of age (several controls behaving erratically: front dial refuses or goes in wrong direction, mode jumps often from P / A to M which is quite annoying, and even the shutter refused recently).
And there is no guarantee the G6 will have the GH3 sensor.

So maybe I should just go for it...

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