Olympus' Toshi Terada discusses the future of Four Thirds and compacts

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Jean Dupont
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Re: Why "all of the sudden" . . . .

John King wrote:

Craig from Nevada wrote:


Olympus pursued other opportunities because that was where the money was.

They had to do that. No choice. It was a sensible and successful decision.

and then there was no four thirds.

Well ... That last sentence is stretching things just a little ...

What, pray tell, is the E-5?

Until fairly recently, one could also buy new E-30 bodies ...

They dropped the E-620 pretty promptly. I'll grant you that.

But back to the E-5. Still available new. Isn't it a four thirds camera?

You can still buy one of minoltas

Digital Cameras › "konica minolta"

Don't even need to look for it.

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