Olympus fast zooms may be coming in 2013

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Re: Agree with you Art_P. 12-60 & 50-200

First of all, the 14-54 and the 50-200 were outstanding do everything lenses. What few none 4/3rds realise is just how close these lenses will focus, making them very useful for all shooting conditions.

However, the shorter register distance of m4/3rds won't help the size of long zooms like the 50-200. They will either be the same size as 4/3rds or, if they can be made smaller, then Olympus made them far too big in the first place. Either case is bad news for Olympus, though the latter is probably more recoverable.

It seems Olympus is building a m4/3rds body that they hope will create a market for their existing 4/3rds lenses. This only works if their longer SHG lenses (like the 90-250) really are as small as they can be for what they do. If it is possible to make something similar but smaller, then Olympus will be SOOL (shlt out of luck)

We'll see.

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