Will good glass make my EPL1 images brilliant like an OMD-e5 or should i just buy the OMD

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Re: Will good glass make my EPL1 images brilliant like an OMD-e5 or should i just buy the OMD

kangaroo in oz wrote:

Hey guys

The headline pretty much sums it up

I'm getting into photography more seriously and i have an Olympus EPL1 with the kit lens

I really like the look of the Oly OMD-e5 however i'm not so impressed by the price of it..

No doubt OM-D is a landmark camera. But the same sensor is in the E-PL5 and the E-PM2. Body only price, the E-PM2 is AUD 399 vs OM-D AUD 1000

I was thinking that an alternative might be to buy a few prime lenses like the 45mm and lumix lenses for my EPL1

I did that before I broke my E-PL1

The question is Would i get the same image quality as the OMD by doing this? and would my photography skills progress with the PEN like they would with the OMD (i do eventually want to become a pro) or should i just do myself a favour and just buy the darned OMD-e5.

* Image quality is like how beautiful is a girl - e.g. 8/10 - that means nothing. You don't know whether she is blonde, whether she has a high nose, long or short legs, whatever. What I mean is image quality cannot be a measure of a camera or a lens or what.

If you specifically say, does this camera have high ISO low noise. Or you say, whether if you shoot studio portraits in electronic flash what is the difference then for each aspect we can discuss.

* You can pick up and learn photo skills in E-PL1 as it is a versatile full featured machine. It however is a poor choice to do sports photos on auto focus.

* Becoming a pro is quite different - if you are a skilled, experienced pro like Giulo Scorio, you can use any gear you want - Giulo knows it is about the skill and costs of lights. But if you are just entering the trade, you may find it smoother to go the Canon / Nikon way because the rental market for lenses and bodies, repair, second hand is more at hand.

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