"Soft" image on lens question

Started Feb 9, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: "Soft" image on lens question

jk2l wrote:

Can anyone give me example what does it mean to be softening for some lens. Sometime when people in this forum say this lens is sharper,softer...etc Can someone give example on how much different in term of IQ are they affecting?

I am a bit curious on for example how much better for a Zeiss 24mm in term of IQ compare to other lens such as 18-55mm at 24 like sharpness or in 1:1 crop...etc

I tried to search online but can't seem to find example of comparison. I never owned any expensive lens before but often wondering how much I can get from investing into expensive lens like those. You know, it is just some hesitation from newbie in photography

surprising after hours still can't find any site got reviews for controlled test showing different of sharpness for both lens :S

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