Nikon 16-35 vs 24 1.4?

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Re: Nikon 16-35 vs 24 1.4?

I second Mike's spot on considerations: the 24 1.4 is the better lens.

But allow me to warn you: it's a lens that really will test your patience:

  • it is not sharp at 1.4. You really want at least f2 for useable images, which makes its asking price really steep (and the zeiss 25/2 optically is in another range).
  • autofocus is ´╗┐horrible´╗┐: it is prone to many errors on my D3s and D4, and on top of that, its focus shift when stopping down means you either set AF tune right for 1.4, and it'll miss stopping down, or vice versa. It is a huge source of misfocused images, so much I trust the lens only in live view, defying its usefulness for reportage and any mildly dynamic scene.

BEERandBBQ wrote:

I'm sure this question has been asked before but wanted some outside opinions. Im debating between the 16-35 and the 24 1.4g.

I generally shoot people shots (i.e. my toddler) and often inside the house in not great lighting, but really enjoy shooting landscape even if I dont get to often enough. Im wondering if I'll be disappointed if I can only go to 24mm, will I miss not being able to go wider? Or will I be disappointed not being able to zoom? My next closest lens is the 35-70 2.8 Although, 24mm seems great and will work great for low light--will 24mm seem way to close to for people shots and simply a waste and overkill at 1.4? To be fair, I have plenty of other lenses for people shots-- 35-70 2.8, 105 dc, and a 70-200 vr, but no fast glass like the 24 1.4. I'm just stumped trying to decide between the two. Any advice is much appreciated!

FYI, not interested in the 14-24 because of lack of filters and having a little one around, I need some protection and would be too nervous with that huge bulbous front.

Thanks for any input!

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