(Nikon D5100 at 4 fps) + (Lexar 600x at 95MegaByte per second)

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Re: (Nikon D5100 at 4 fps) + (Lexar 600x at 95MegaByte per second)

mosswings wrote:

Shakens wrote:

I got the sandisk extreme(45mb's) in my D5100

well worth getting over a class 10 card and didn't really cost anymore

not a scientific test(but a real world test) my class 10 card takes 6s to write a raw+jpeg file, the extreme(45mb's) card takes just 3s

Yes, as future-proofing I'd agree. There is a very marginal speed improvement on the D5100/7000 generation cameras with it, but the higher-end bodies have the drive electronics speed to capitalize on it, and the resolution to really need it. We wait to see whether the 24MP generation of consumer cams has the higher speed drive electronics. Most likely.

half the time to write the file isn't marginal though in respect to the sandisk extreme in the D5100..

now if you put the sandisk extreme pro(95mb's) yes that would be a waste ot money in the D5100

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