Case of Sigma, DP3 Merrill, SPP 5.5

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You don't have a clue

Guido FORRIER wrote:

not the best photographer : a boat is sinking , statue not in focus as the focus is on the back scene , etc ...

no full size photo's but i see :

You got that right - also no RAWs available.

- yellow/green skin tones

- 2 x green/magenta blotches in hair

- can i see a magenta spot + green corners in the tarmac ? i did not expect that with a small tele lens .

All this based on JPEGs downsized for web with unknown processing etc?

It's always amazing how people are so eager and willing to jump to final conclusions based on the flimisest 'evidence'.

i was looking forward to come back to sigma but NO : IQ need to be more than resolution at low iso .

sorry ,


Sorry: if you are serious and if you have actualy been a photographer, you should know what you have to do: get a Merrill and take some darn pictures yourself and then decide!

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