A65 AF Lock Button

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Re: A65 AF Lock Button

Sony's implication of AF lock on A65 is imcomplete. Read on if you care to know more.

Ideally, a camera should have seperate AE and AF buttons.

AF Button

Toggle (press and release): Enable AF-S, lock on focus. Hold (press and hold): Enable AF-C, continuously focusing, until shutter clicks, or until AF button is released - focusing will stop and focus locked at last point.

AE Button

Toggle (press and release): Take exposure reading, lock on it. Hold (press and hold): Meter will continuously take reading, until shutter clicks, or until AE button is released - metering will stop and exposure locked at last scene.

AND, shutter button should be able to be reprogrammed as, when pressed all the way down:

  • Take exposure reading, enable and lock on focus, then taking picture. Or,
  • Take exposure reading, then taking picture. Or,
  • Enable and lock on focus, then taking picture. Or,
  • Taking picture only. THAT"S the key part for including AE and AF buttons.

The reason for having AE button and AF button: Prevent exposure being fouled and prevent AF being fouled (and AF hunt).

For example, if you're shooting Indy 500. Aiming at a fast moving race car. The reflection from the car will foul your meter. The same reflection may foul you AF as well. Bad exposure plus AF hunt will ruin your shot. So what you do?

1. Lock your exposure on something neutral. 2. Lock your focus on where you want the action to be happened - where there are interesting backgounds or nicer composition. 3. Aim at your target and panning with it till it's passing by where you wanted it to be, click - a quick burst. Exposure is right, focus is right, composition is right. You can't go wrong.

And you can always tap AF button to establish new AF lock, or keep AF button pressed for AF-C.

Baseball? Basketball? Model? Scenics? All the same. Lock exposure on player's jersey, model's face/clothes, point of interest. Lock focus on home base, glass board, model's eye. Compose as you want while expecing actions. When time is right, a quick burst. That's it.

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