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glpsace wrote:


I really need your help here as I´m going crazy!

Having no system or camera at the moment and coming from a S5Pro, I have decided that the X100 is a camera I want to get. The only issue is with the wide fixed lens.

See, I like sometimes to shoot portraits (face and shoulder / just face) and for that the X100 is at its worst.

I have considered the X-E1 with the zoom, but keep in mind that a small camera is the all reason I got rid of the S5Pro.

So I considered the X-E1 with the 35 and the 60... but that totally out of my budget!

I´m going crazy here because I really want the X100!

Lately I´ve been considering to get also the X10 to go with the X100. It is cheap enough so that together with the price of the X100, both cameras are still cheaper than the X-E1 with the kit lens!



Not sure which part of the world you are in, but B&H has a special going on X-E1 with 35mm for about $1300 : http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/888035-REG/Fujifilm_16272394_X_E1_Digital_Camera_Black.html/ .

As it happens, I have both X-E1 and the X100.

For me, X100 is a keeper, but its wide lens is not always suited for portraits.  Nevertheless:

I also had X-10, and it was very much capable of good portraits, but it inherently has a high DOF, so, even with good bokeh, the out-of-focus areas are, well, not that much out of focus...

X-E1 is a system camera.  There are deals available, look at fujirumors.com.

A possibility that I am exploring now is non-Fuji lenses.  M42 and M39 adapters are not very expensive.  Good low-cost lenses in these mounts are available.  I am waiting for a Russian Tair-11A to arrive, to try it out with the X-E1 for a telephoto solution.

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