What do the camera companies need to do to reverse fortunes?

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Marty4650 wrote:

Airless wrote:

Nikon and Canon market their products *more*, but not better. For example, they are trying to use Ashton Kutcher, who appeals mostly to young women, to sell camera, which appeal to men of all ages. Huge fail.

Like you, I think Ashton Kutcher is a joke, and not "worthy" of endorsing any camera.

But you and I are not representative of the market demographic that Nikon was trying to reach. You probably have noticed that Kutcher is featured in ads for their Coolpix P&S cameras, and not for their high end gear, or any of their tilt and shift lenses.

My guess is that this advertising campaign has been very successful for Nikon, since they have been paying Kutcher for around four years now to make these ads.

Compare this to Olympus' celebrity spokesman Kevin Spacey, who only lasted around three months on their payroll...

Kutcher has advertised DSLRs to, like the D3100 and D5200 that I have seen commercials for that included him, and the Nikon J1 (which at $649 originally was at least priced like a DSLR). I'm pretty sure that even just Coolpix are purchased mostly by men. What I'm saying they should be using someone who appeals to as broad of their market as possible, which Ashton Kutcher certainly does not.

Also the fact that they have been using him for four years doesn't necessarily mean he is a good choice. Who know how much better they could have done with someone who appealed to the majority of their customer base? As in, men?

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