Question of RAW+JPEG Workflow in Lightroom

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Re: Question of RAW+JPEG Workflow in Lightroom

Actually thinking about it my solution doesnt quite work. As I understand it your sorting workflow consists of...

1. Rejects. delete RAW + jpeg

2. Keepers. delete Raw keep jpeg

3. Processors. Keep RAW keep jpeg (but only have RAW in LR)

Actually what you should do....

1. Import RAW only. Delete rejections deleting both RAW + jpeg.

2. Tick treat jpegs seperately. Synchronize the last import foder. This will import all the jpegs into LR under 'last import'. Delete them all.

3. Now you can delete your keepers.

I shoot RAW + jpeg. Download the jpeg to my ipad via wifi. Sort, tag color and reject my photos for LR using an App called Photosmith. When my RAWs are imported to LR the metadata from the jpegs is synced by wifi to the RAWs so that my RAWs are already sorted.

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