Question of RAW+JPEG Workflow in Lightroom

Started Feb 9, 2013 | Discussions thread
Abrak Veteran Member • Posts: 3,697
Re: Question of RAW+JPEG Workflow in Lightroom

I shoot RAW + Jpeg in LR but for different reasons so my workflow isnt relevant.

There is actually a fairly simple way of achieving what you want although it is slightly counter-intuitive. What you need to do is get LR to treat the RAW + jpeg as separate files -> edit -> pref -> general.

Then when you import your photos you will of course import 'both' RAW and jpeg into your catalogue. This you dont want - so after import, you select all your jpegs and delete them 'just' from the catalogue (leaving them on your disk). From then on, when you delete a RAW it will only delete the RAW file and you will be left with your jpeg.

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