Proposing a simple shorthand for writing "35mm equivalent field of view"

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Re: Use Radians Completly Junk '35 mm equivalent'.

dosdan wrote:

relate2 wrote:

50mm 1.8 on the NEX camera that it reminded them of the "Nifty Fifty" of old days even though the actual focal length on the NEX was 75mm...

This is not correct. The FL never changes regardless of the crop factor. 50mm FL on APS-C is still 50mm FL on FF. What changes is the AOV. The AOV on APS-C is equivalent to that of a 75mm FL lens on FF.

There is no actual magnification due to CF either. Assuming the same pixel pitch, e.g. D800 & D7000, with the same 50mm FL lens, the image of the subject falls on the same number of sensels (assuming it fully fits within the narrower AOV of the APS-C sensor) in both formats. But since the APS-C sensor is smaller, the relative proportion of say subject height to sensor height is greater for the APS-C version compared to the FF one. So the APS-C version appears larger within its output frame.


Now you know why the average photographer wants a simple number instead of a degree in maths.

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