Opinion on replacing Minolta AF 100-400 APO.

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Re: Opinion on replacing Minolta AF 100-400 APO.

William9 wrote:

yihlee wrote:

I do have the 500RF. More practive won't hurt.

Given its current price, used 200mm is very very attractive. I never left it out of planning. Thanks.

I've had my eye on a used Minolta 200m f2.8 with teleconverters also.

For a comparison of that lens vs. the Sony 70-400, Sony 300 f2.8 and Minolta 300 f2.8, go to http://www.artaphot.ch/lens-comparisons/174-a900-28300-g-ssm-28300-apo-g-70-400-g-ssm-28200-apo-g-a-14x-apo-conv

The Minolta 200mm with 1.4x teleconverter really holds its own there!

There is also a Tamron 300mm f2.8 AF that has done very well for me.  But forget finding one.  Mine was originally a rep's show lens and I doubt very many of those lenses were ever made. The older MF Adaptall II versions are not the same lens.

Of course if you are not up to "heavy" lenses, you would not want it, over 5lbs, I can only hold it about 15 minutes total.  That is a lot more weight than the Sony 70-400G.  It's all a matter of perspective, long lenses all weigh more than some normal focal length lens.

On the business of a 200mm with a TC holding it's own against something like the 70-400G it does not.  Outdoor wildlife photography or such involves short opportunities for most shots, making changing lenses a big liability.  And changing lenses (with single focal lengths) will be necessary with the variability of distances and subject sizes involved.  That's why my Tamron 300mm f2.8 and 400mm f4 don't see a lot of use and the 70-400G and 70-300G do see a lot of use. Possible slight improvement in IQ in the shot is always beaten by actually getting the shot vs not getting it.  Even with the better speed of using a zoom many, many shots will be missed before you can get ready.

And note the 70-400G is so good that it can also be used with a quality 1.4x TC (your 200mm prime can't get to that level at the quality you can get with the 70-400G)  A Kenko Pro 300 1.4x will even allow the 70-400G to do a reasonable job of AF. With that 1.4x TC the 70-400G will best the image quality of the Tamron 200-500 at the 500mm end and sill has a slight bit more focal length to go.

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