Is AF-C basically a myth for NEX?

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In fact...

Sk8trguy wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Sk8trguy wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Sk8trguy wrote:

Puddleglum wrote:

...there isn't any add-on to make a DSLR the size of an NEX.

in my research i found the a37 comes very very close. with nex you need a large adapter and you lose a lot. to match the a37 a nex becomes as large once you include lenses, is, etc. i don't think alpha stuff has a future so refuse to buy it.

Not really. The advantage with the adapter is that it is portable.

yes the adapter is portable. everything together becomes not so portable. it becomes about the same size as the a37 but broken up in to little parts to keep track of. i want simple. i want my nex 6 to work without a large expensive adapter that still can't match my cheap old rebel for tracking focus.

Wrong on that account too. My A55 is about the same size as A37. However, if I wanted to carry two bodies each with a lens...

please don't say i am wrong because you changed parameters. that is rude. i was only reporting what i found online and i was comparing 1 camera to 1 camera with a pdaf adapter. if you want to change the topic now to carrying multiple bodies, then several milcs are the way to go i guess. since i am one person, i vote for 1 nex with native lenses, 2nd choice an a37 with a couple alpha lenses - better grip and all, and last would be your bag of cameras, pdaf adapter, and a bunch of lenses. that is me though. but i would take my rebel if i need pdaf. alphas don't keep up with my old rebel in focus tracking.

... the argument is stronger with just one body at hand and something I addressed in my response (you snipped that out). Let me repeat that argument. If you believe NEX has its strengths, then why not keep those strengths and if you want DSLT/DSLR performance out of it, extend it. Rather than pick a DSLT/DSLR and give up NEX's strengths?

That has been my point all along.

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