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Re: Comments please on photo wanted 5D MIII

billorg wrote:

Are there any redeeming qualities to this picture I took? Canon 5DMIII and Sigma 12-24 @12mm Just really wanted to test this lens out and we had a nice day. Comments please, thanks. Click "View: original size" link to see best quality - it definitely loses impact the way it looks below. Bill

Yeah, needs to be seen large, probably in a big monitor. All landscape picture should be viewed large.

I like it a lot. I like it better than the pictures you have posted later. This picture has a theme, it creates a mood, it speaks to me. It is not a picture of two houses or two trees. It is a picture of two houses in a vast and near emptiness. So, the fact that you have 'uninteresting grass' or empty area in the foreground is important for creating that theme and mood. I don't need to see the houses more clearly than this, they are clear enough when viewed large. If you had moved closer to the houses it would have been a picture of two houses without the impact it has now. I don't think you should make the sky more dramatic. Your foreground is dark, by making the sky darker you would lose the contrast and balance it has now. Now my eyes move easily from the foreground (as there is nothing interesting here, although it is important in the context of the theme) through the space between two trees and settle on the houses, then they move to the vast sky (which is interesting, but not enough to hold my eyes there) and settle again on the houses. In the process my brain has absorbed the whole scene, its complementary elements and I can now hear the theme talking.

You can crop a little though, not from the bottom, about 10% from top, right and left. Although you will lose some feeling of vastness in the process (not a lot), the picture will look more balanced without losing its impact.

PS, I love those two little planes.

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