*****Winners of Minichallenge 355: Music*****

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*****Winners of Minichallenge 355: Music*****

Sorry for the wait, everybody.

I wish I could honourably mention everybody's photos. This has been a great set and so full of variety, thanks again to everybody for taking part.

I'll start with the "actual" honourable mentions — believe me, it was very difficult for me to choose this few.

And here they are:

Kevindar, this photo is awesome — and expertly handled in spite of what looks like very tricky lighting

Baneling's balls. It's like a scene from heaven.

Colleen's snazzy character, surrounded by all kinds of subtly dynamic diagonals. Nice one

Jim, it can be tough to keep a street-shot uncluttered but you kept control of the background with a tight crop and the repeating rectangular elements. Very well done

Ian, I don't know what it is about this photo that makes it so hard to believe he's actually playing it...

Again, all top-notch shots with no shortage of interesting visuals. Keep on keeping on, guys.

Without further ado, the top three.

Third place:

This photo speaks volumes, and the pure energy really embodies what "Music" means to me. Thank you, Gromero

Two tied for second place:

Wilba's mysterious guitar player. Balanced between texture and telling, it has just enough detail to make the imagination go crazy, if only for a moment. Awesome.

Also in second place, f3nr15's keyboard girl. There's just so much depth, no detail below the elbows but nice and sunny up top. Beautifully balanced.

Finally, first Place goes to:

Oilman, I said it before and I'll say it again: You nailed it. This photo feels like it's bringing the "Music" theme back to its roots, and no part of the shot defies that nostalgia. Fantastic.

Thanks again to everybody, it's been great

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