GXR is not dead -new modules to come

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anthony mazzeri Senior Member • Posts: 2,028
Re: GXR is not dead -new modules to come

schaki wrote:

I'm completely fine with non rubbish rumours which can be connected to patents which have been filed

At least we actually have something to go on, even if flimsy. And it's only been a year or so. You only need to visit other forums to see they have even less to work with, and for much longer.

Nikon Pro DX for example. Not even a word or hint of anything at all from Nikon about any new D400 which D300 owners have been waiting im/patiently for several years now.

Or even Pentax full frame DSLR. After literally a decade of nothing but vain hope are they only just now beginning to see the very first hints coming from Pentax that it may actually eventuate one day.

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