GXR is not dead -new modules to come

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Re: GXR is not dead -new modules to come

anthony mazzeri wrote:

chrisnga wrote:

Some of us have been having abandonment issues and have been vocal about it (!) - trying to read the business tea leaves as it were.

I think it's more impatience and frustration at Ricoh's apparent dithering and uncertainty. If it was a political leader they'd be out of office. People like certainty and confidence going forward, even if it's something they don't agree with, if only to help them make their own decisions and plans for the future.

In my case two decisions:

1) It's time for me to start moving into a smaller AF mirrorless system and away from the big DSLRs. I've looked at them all and none so far really grab my imagination after using Ricoh cameras so I just have the feeling if Ricoh (or even Pentax) were to do one, it would most likely be the one most suitable for me so worth waiting for instead of wasting money on another system. So here I wait, ever more impatiently as each day passes with no news.

2) My eternal quest for the ultimate pocketable compact camera has led me through several models and brands. Again, none have grabbed my imagination as did the GRD III, but the GRD sensor is too low-res now. Not even the RX100 with its superior IQ has turned out to be that camera, with so many photo opportunities I have missed simply because I don't feel the urge to carry the RX100 with me everywhere, so I have concluded I'm not going to waste money on another compact until that elusive ultimate model finally eventuates. My conclusion is that only a GRD 28mm with an 1" sensor in it would be that camera which would last me for the next decade - and so my eternal quest would be over. But here I still wait, ever more impatiently as each day passes with no news.

Am I waiting in vain for one or both? Who knows? Only Ricoh knows, and they aren't saying anything at all, except a card on an empty shelf inferring a GRD (but what sensor?) will come in 2013, so I still know nothing.

Agreed on the RX100.  Sold mine, we never bonded.

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