How Much Do You Enjoy the 7-14?

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It's a very interesting lens

It's challenging, in that UWA is a completely different composition model than you're used to. Took me a few months to start to 'see' compositions in UWA, rather confusing at first.

But, once past that, you can get some really creative shots with it, that no other lens can capture. It's a lens that rewards thinking outside the box. With it's very deep DOF, you can get close to subjects while keeping the background in focus, making very small things look very large. Or, with something large in the distance, you make it look small. If you're in tight quarters, it can get shots that a longer lens would be useless for.

Having said that, I will add that the 8FE can do a lot of this, especially if you're careful about where straight lines are in the composition - keep straight lines off of the primary X and Y axes, and the FE doesn't look so fishy.

I highly recommend the 7-14, if for no other reason than it really challenges your concept of composition - you do have to think different.

Here's a couple of ZD 7-14 shots that I rather like:

And this was a 'hail mary' shot, going down an escalator in a tunnel with the E1 - what the heck, let's see what we get. Hail mary in more than one way, that's my wife Mary in front of me.

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