Toshiba Flashair vs eye-fi x2 pro, anyone experienced?

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Re: Toshiba Flashair vs eye-fi x2 pro, anyone experienced?

Sandro Vascotto wrote:

I bought a Toshiba FlashAir after reading many positive articles on the Internet. I realized then that in reality it was all hype.
It is true that it is easy to connect to it from a computer, even though you have to change Wi-Fi access point (so that you are cut off from Internet while you transfer).
The problem is that, in order to transfer your pictures, you have to use a browser which is built in the firmware of the card. This browser only lets you transfer one photo at the time. You can watch them all together, but then you have to select one by one to transfer them. There is no way you can perform a bulk transfer, nor remotely delete the pictures after the treansfer. Can you imagine getting your pictures after a day where you have taken 200+ shots?

The card is definitely not an ideal solution for transferring 200 over pictures to your computer. Stay away from it if that is your intention.

The real value comes from ability to share high-quality pictures on the go. I have them in my RX100 and often pair it with my Android (which have native app) . Whenever i capture something awesome, i can quickly share it with my friends/family. I download them to my computer the normal way once I get back home, which is way faster anyway.

It is expensive yes, but it does opens up some options that I never had before.

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