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Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

rick decker wrote:

2nd one is great - esp at full size

What surprises me about that shot, is how out of focus the front dune is (focused on the hiker). At f/10, even though it's a pretty long shot (157mm) I would have thought pretty much everything would be in focus - the background mostly is.

But that front dune is really diffused. I don't mind as I think the shot looks great with that dune being out of focus, it just surprised me when developing...

The 2nd shot is fun to examine and really nice scene.  The 3rd shot however, is art.

As to the OOF dune..  this always still surprises me.  I think this due to a remnant of old Aperture/DOF rules with 35mm film that were based on us the mythological 8x10 reproduction size.   Heck, I open this shot on my laptop with 100% view, it must be about 24" wide with scroll-bar..  ie. about 400%+ larger area than the 8x10-based DOF rules.

Same reason why the 1/FL rule for shutter speed -- throw that rule in the trash can.

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'Everything in photography boils down to what's sharp and what's fuzzy.'
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